Vaniljkakor Cookies


Every Thursday my family attends a Life Group from our church. We love going to Life Group because it’s more than just a Bible Study—it’s living life in fellowship with other believers. Part of our Thursday night gathering is a complete dinner which everyone contributes to. Some people bring entrees, some bring sides, and there […]

January 30, 2018

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies


You know when you find a new recipe and take that first bite and you think, THIS. This is good. But maybe it could be better… That’s how I felt about a chocolate chip cookie recipe I found from Martha Stewart. I’ve been making this recipe for years now, but after my husband and I […]

January 8, 2018

10 Things NOT To Say To Someone Pregnant With Multiples

Parenthood, Twins

Finding out we were expecting two babies was shocking—especially because I was halfway through the pregnancy and only measuring for one baby. But what was almost as shocking was how some people reacted to the news. Here are ten responses we really didn’t appreciate and why I encourage you to reconsider saying these to someone […]

January 5, 2018