Baby Products We Love – Round 2

Parenthood, Twins / Friday, July 6th, 2018

When my daughters were less than six months old, I compiled a list of our favorite baby products. As they got older, our favorite products changed and we discovered a whole new world of toys, car and stroller accessories, meal items, and more. My girls are about 17 months old now, and I wanted to share our new recommendations with you!


  • Munchkin Snack Catcher: These are one of the greatest inventions ever, if you ask me. These snack cups are small enough that they aren’t heavy when full, and they have handles for tiny hands to grip easily. Best of all, they are made so that when your kid turns it upside down, the food doesn’t fall out! These are our go-to snack time item, and our girls get so excited when they see us grab these snack cups. We usually use them for Cheerios, but you could put a variety of dry snacks in them for easy, independent consumption.
  • Infantino Squeeze Station, Pouches, & Spoons: This Infantino set is another one of the greatest products I have ever used. If you want to make your own baby food, this system makes packaging and serving purees so much easier! Food pouches that you buy in the store can be costly, and you don’t always know exactly what is in them. With the Infantino system, you can add your homemade purees to pouches for easy storage and serving. You can even buy twist-on spoons for when a baby is too young to feed herself, which prevents messes. This is a must-have!
  • Baby Baprons: I LOVE these baby aprons, or baprons, from this Etsy shop! If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll love to move their bibs around and end up with food all over their clothes. Baprons go around a child’s arms and tie in the back, so he or she can’t move it around and make a mess. Plus, they are incredibly cute! We get compliments on these all the time.
  • Baby Bjorn Eat & Play Smock: These smocks are my favorite for when we eat out! Kids are notoriously messy, and it can be such a pain to have to bring your child to the bathroom and change them head-to-toe because something spilled. These smocks may seem excessive if you don’t mind the mess, but I love knowing that my girls have full coverage so whatever they are wearing will stay nice and clean.
  • Boon Silicone Sippy Cup Lids with Stainless Steel Kids Cups: Sometimes all the sippy cups aren’t clean, or we go to a restaurant where the kid’s cups don’t have secure lids. The Boon Silicone Sippy Cup Lids are the perfect solution because they turn any cup into a sippy cup! At home, we like to pair ours with some kid-size stainless steel cups, which keep drinks nice and cold. 



  • Delta Children Tandem Umbrella Stroller: By the time our girls were big enough to sit up in a stroller, we were more than ready to retire our massive double snap-n-go. We looked for a cost-effective double umbrella stroller to use instead, and this fit the bill. This thing folds up smaller than some single strollers I’ve seen, and it fits perfectly in the storage cubby in our Honda Pilot. It has retractable sun visors, a storage pocket behind each seat, a removable cup holder, and the ability to let your kids sit up or recline. It is incredibly simple to fold and unfold, and it’s unbelievably lightweight. We seriously LOVE this stroller, I cannot tell you enough!
  • Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack: We used our Skip Hop Grand Central diaper bag for several months before it clicked that with twins, you really need a backpack. Though the Grand Central was a great diaper bag, it was difficult to keep it on my shoulder while juggling twins, car keys, etc. Determined to save money, we started using my old college backpack, the Ogio Inernational Soho Pack (I love Ogio bags and I highly recommend them). This worked for a short while, but we decided we needed a backpack that was made for baby items, not one that was made for school items. I did a lot of research, we set a budget, and we purchased the Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack. We LOVE it! It’s gender neutral, it clips around our stroller handles if we don’t want to carry it, and it has just the right amount of pockets and compartments. I wish we’d had it from the beginning!
  • Red Flyer Wagon: My daughters received this as a present from my parents, and they cannot get enough of wagon rides these days! This wagon has a seatbelt on each end to keep your child safely inside, and it has storage on each end, as well. One of the sides can be unzipped to make it into a bench, and the handle can be made longer or shorter. It folds up for convenient travel and storage, unlike many other wagon options out there. You can buy a removable canopy for extra sun protection, too!
  • BundleMe: A friend gave us two BundleMe blankets for carseats, but we actually put them on our umbrella stroller instead! They have two pieces that zip together, so you can easily move your child into or out of their carseat (or stroller seat) without having to take everything apart. In the winter, we loved having these on our umbrella stroller because we knew the girls were snuggly and warm, even if we had to go through a bit of snow.
  • SippiGrip: Oh my goodness y’all, this is one of the best inventions ever! I know I keep saying that, but it’s true! My third-grade teacher gave me these at my baby shower (yes, I’m still friends with some of my teachers from childhood—nerds, unite!). This SippiGrip allows you to hand your child a toy or cup without fear of them dropping it and crying to get it back. One end has a rubber lining to hold a sippy cup, teether, or toy securely, and you can attach the other end to a carseat strap or stroller strap. We use these to give the girls water in the car, toys for when we walk around a store, and teethers basically anytime we go anywhere. If we didn’t have these, I can’t even imagine how many times our girls would drop things and how many tears would be shed until they got it back.
  • BRICA 2-Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades: I always told myself that I would never put sunshades in my car windows because they were tinted, which I thought was enough. Then, we bought a car without tinted windows and went on an 8-hour road trip, and I changed my mind. These sunshades made our trip so much easier and helped our girls stay nice and cool in the backseat. Plus, they were super easy to install!




  • BabyLit Books: One of my sisters discovered this series and was determined to buy us every single one, and I’m not a bit upset about it! BabyLit books are literary classics turned into board books. Each one is some sort of “primer,” or intro, to a concept. For example, Pride & Prejudice is a counting primer (1 English village, 2 rich gentlemen…), Aladdin is a sounds primer (robes swish, fire crackles…), and Anne of Green Gables is a places primer (home, avenue, pond…). Each book features engaging images, and these books are the perfect way to turn your little reader into a literary classic lover!
  • Fat Brain Toys Kids Spinagain Toy: My mother-in-law saw this toy at someone else’s house and loved it so much that she bought one for us right away. This is a toy that everyone plays with, not just our daughters. Anyone who comes to our house comments on how colorful and fun it is. It didn’t take long for our girls to figure out how to add or remove rings, and they love watching the colors spin and the discs slide on or off. It is so much fun!
  • Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack: Before we had the Spinagain, we had the Fisher Price Stack toy from when I was a kid (yes, the same one I played with when I was younger). Our girls love both of these toys, and it is so fun to watch them figure out which order the rings go in. Each one of our daughters has her favorite color rings, and they work together to put them all in the correct order.
  • Fisher-Price Bright Beats Buggies: We were given BeatBelle as a gift, and we all loved her so much that Spencer and I went on a hunt for BeatBo and Franky Beats. These little cars roll, sing, and light up for endless fun. The songs and statements are so catchy (“My wheels are circles…that’s how I roll!”) and our girls love to dance to the beats. These are probably the only toys we have that make noise that actually don’t drive me crazy!
  • Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Animal Blocks: These were a Christmas present for our little ladies, and they were hooked from the beginning! Each block features an image, a graphic, a texture, and a word on different sides. We only have the animal blocks but they also come in numbers, foods, music, and shapes.




  • Dohm: We have used this white noise machine from day one, but I forgot to add it to my first list of favorites. This is the only white noise machine that I can tolerate, because it sounds so peaceful and doesn’t disrupt sleep. While we’ve never been especially quiet around our girls while they sleep (we want them to be able to sleep through noise), we wanted something soothing and constant to help them tune out. The Dohm allows you to adjust the volume and intensity of the white noise, making it our first choice for the girls’ room!


Disclaimer: These product recommendations are completely my own and are based on my experience. If you choose to use these products, I am not liable for any injury or harm you or your baby may experience from them. I do not anticipate this happening at all, but I’m putting this here for legal purposes.


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