Eighteen Baby Products You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Parenthood / Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

When it comes to having twins, it is so important to stay organized and find products that optimize productivity! Really, that’s true no matter how many babies you have at one time.

I want to share the products we loved most after our girls were born and explain why you might want to buy them for that pregnant friend/relative of yours! I’ll organize this list by category so it’s easier to find what you might be looking for.

Warmth and Clothing

Sock Ons 

We get comments on these ALL the time and we tell everyone the same thing: they really do work! These are little cloth things that hold your baby’s socks in place. Anyone who has been around a baby in socks knows they pop off so easily and parents lose socks frequently.

With Sock Ons, your baby’s socks stay on! We have three pairs and we just wash them with the girls’ socks in a laundry bag (something else to help prevent lost socks). We LOVE these!

SwaddleMe Original Organic Swaddles

When we first brought the girls home, they were too tiny to fit in any store-bought swaddles (even the preemie sizes) so we had to use blankets.

As soon as they were big enough to fit in SwaddleMes, these are all we used! They are foolproof swaddles that keep your baby wrapped tight and secure, helping them sleep soundly.

Of course, you shouldn’t swaddle your baby to sleep once they can roll over, but until that time comes these are a great option!

HALO SleepSack Swaddle 

When the girls got too squirmy for their SwaddleMes, we moved to SleepSacks. These are amazing because they zip closed, which is extra secure. Once your baby can roll over, these swaddles allow you to leave their arms out so they are still safe to use. They give babies both the security to sleep well and the freedom to move if needed.


Playtex Diaper Genie

We originally weren’t going to get a diaper pail because we take out the trash so much, but in the end someone bought one for us. I’m so glad they did! This thing locks in odors from dirty diapers and holds quite a few, even when you fill it twice as fast like we do. If you buy this for someone, consider buying them some refills, also. 

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Ah, the NoseFrida. The product that is both disgusting and amazing. In all honesty, I can’t use this—I just can’t stomach it, so my husband has to do it. One end goes just inside the baby’s nose and the other end goes in your mouth and you literally suck their boogers out. Don’t worry, there’s a filter to prevent that nasty stuff from getting anywhere near your mouth. Disgusting, but incredibly effective.

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

Let me just start off by saying you do not NEED this product, but you probably want it. My husband and I refer to this as the “butt spatula” because we think that’s what it looks like.

Basically this helps you apply diaper cream, though we’ve found it also works great for applying eczema cream. Instead of getting these creams all over your hands and having to change your baby with messy fingers, you apply the cream to the spatula end, apply as thickly as you need, then wipe clean with a baby wipe! It even has a suction cup on the bottom so you can securely set it aside while you finish changing that diaper.

Yes, you can live without it, but it really does help keep you clean and it is so easy to use. When our girls were in the NICU, we converted all our nurses into BabyBum Brush lovers! It comes in multiple colors and now there’s a Mini Brush, too!



Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Stroller 

We ended up taking a super expensive stroller off our registry when a friend offered to GIVE us their double stroller that they no longer needed. What a huge blessing, because we loved it! The Snap N Go Stroller comes in a standard and a double version, so it is perfect for singletons or twins.

The best part? You can use almost ANY carseat with this stroller! No specials brand or adaptors needed; just use the carseats YOU want. You set the carseat in the frame and there is a belt that buckles around it, holding it securely in place.

I will say that if you plan to take your baby on runs or hikes or off pavement at all, you probably want to get a stroller that is more suited for that. For us, we really just needed a simple stroller that could get the girls from point A to point B safely. This was all we needed, and it even had a basket in the bottom to store a diaper bag or groceries as we were shopping.

Bonus: this stroller is super cost-effective! Even the double version is less than $100. Seriously, unless you NEED that fancy stroller for some reason, save your wallet and buy a Snap N Go!

Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 Infant Car Seat 

We LOVE having these incredibly lightweight carseats—especially with two babies! The Maxi-Cosis are safely but thoroughly padded for comfort, easy to strap a baby in, and comfortable to carry. We’ve already had a friend ask if they can use our carseats when they have a baby because they’ve been around the girls and know how easy Maxi-Cosis are to use. They won’t break the bank, either!


QuickZip Easy Change Crib Sheet

These sheets are a lifesaver! Instead of wrestling to put on a new sheet when you are tired and just want to go to bed, but can’t because your babies just spit up all over their crib, save yourself with these sheets.

The fitted sheet actually goes around the bottom of the mattress, not the top, and then a top sheet zips onto that fitted sheet. So, when you need to change the sheet real quick, you just unzip the top sheet, throw it in the laundry, and zip on a new one. Super easy, super fast, and hassle-free.

Absolutely 100% worth the price—especially if you can register for them and have a grandparent or friend buy them!

SHILOH Baby Crib Musical Mobile Battery-Operated Music Box

The mobile I found for the girls’ room was so cute, but it came with a wind-up music box. I would wind it up as tight as I could without fear of breaking it, and it felt like it didn’t even last a minute.

Eventually I searched Amazon for a new music box that turned on and off with a button, and I came across this amazing option. It plays 60 songs and you can adjust the volume, choose to have the mobile rotate with no music, choose just music and no rotation, or choose both. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, and it has a great battery life. Our girls loved it!

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat

Once the girls started staying awake long enough to want entertainment but they weren’t able to get around on their own, we decided we needed to get a play mat. My grandparents generously purchased this one and the girls used it for months!

It comes with five plush toys that hang over them, all with unique features. One has a mirror (there is also a mirror on the mat itself), one pulls down, one squeaks, one sings a song, and one rattles. It also comes with a small, curved pillow for tummy time. I also thought this play mat was a lot cuter than many of them out there! Check out the grey version, also.


Munchkin Dishwasher Basket

When you go through as many bottles per day as we did, it’s a huge pain to hand wash them all. We were given a couple of these dishwasher baskets and I’m so thankful! The nipples go in the top and stay upright, and the rings go in the bottom.

I’ve also used these for silicone baby spoons, pacifiers, and other dishwasher-safe baby items that are top-rack only but small enough to fall through.

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Who wouldn’t love some plastic grass on their kitchen counter? But seriously, this is actually awesome and I promise no one will judge you for it. This grass is a place to set your baby-specific items aside to dry after you wash them.

The grass comes out from the white base for easy cleaning, and it comes in multiple sizes. My mother-in-law also bought us this twig and this flower to go with the grass, and I’ll admit I thought she was crazy for a minute. Once we started using it all, though, I realized it’s actually super handy.

We use the twig and flower to hang nipples and rings on to dry, which frees up the grass for bottles and spoons and any other items. You can fit a LOT on this combo, and we still use it all for sippy cups.

OXO Drying Rack

Similar to the Boon Grass, this is another place to put baby-specific items while they dry. The prongs are perfect for spacing out bottles and the removable cup works great for spoons.

Phone Apps


I LOVE this app. Before my twins were born I researched the best apps to use and this one was definitely the right choice. People told me my love of organization/lists/charts would go away due to the chaos of twins—no, no it did not. You can still be organized with multiple babies!

I love how this app lets you track anything you want and then charts the data for you. You can also add options to track if you don’t see what you want, which is wonderful. I’m thankful to not have to remember when their last bath was or how long it’s been since they ate or pooped. You can keep track of multiple babies, which obviously not everyone would need but we do.

This app can generate emails and reports to your doctor so you know you are giving them accurate information. You can add multiple caregivers, so my husband and I can both add data instead of it all being on one phone. This app is so helpful and I highly recommend it!

Pampers Rewards

Babies=diapers. More babies=more diapers. There’s no way around going through diapers regularly, whether they are disposable or cloth.

If you go the disposable route, Pampers is a great option and you can be rewarded for all that money you spend. No, it doesn’t even out in the end, but at least it doesn’t quite feel like money is just disappearing.

Pampers products, not just diapers, come with codes you can enter into this app to collect points. Points are redeemed for donations to charities, Shutterfly products, toys, coupons, and even free diapers and wipes. You’re going to spend the money anyway, so why not let something good come out of it?



There is just one more thing I have to mention: you know how moms these days have all these different ways of showing how many months old their baby is? The Etsy shop BATZkids has the CUTEST milestone blankets!

I have a 12-month blanket that I just lay on the floor and set the girls on, then I put something around the number of months they are and snap a pic! When I registered for my blanket there were only a few options, but now this shop has blankets and pillows and mugs and all kinds of cool items to track your baby’s milestones. Check it out!

There you have it!

These are the products I recommend most for new parents or those having another baby. Now that we are almost to our girls’ first birthday (can you believe it?!), I will make another list of items we love that don’t necessarily apply to newborns. Stay tuned! 

Disclaimer: These product recommendations are completely my own and are based on my experience. If you choose to use these products, I am not liable for any injury or harm you or your baby may experience from them. I do not anticipate this happening at all, but I’m putting this here for legal purposes.



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