A C-Section Story That Won’t Scare You

Parenthood, Twins / Monday, May 21st, 2018

When people meet my family for the first time and learn that we have twins, they usually ask how I delivered our girls. While that may or may not be an entirely appropriate question to ask someone, the answer is that I had a C-section. The doctors were concerned about my girls’ small sizes and placenta growth, so we scheduled their delivery to occur at 35 weeks.

If you’d asked me nine months prior how I thought the girls would come into the world, I would’ve told you I was having a natural delivery, no doubt. When the time came, though, I was thankful for the experience of the C-section and I think it went very well. The doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologist were all very skilled and compassionate, and I had a quick and easy recovery.

The night before, Spencer and I both slept surprisingly well, despite having multiple family members in our house and the anticipation of the next day’s events.

I think our bodies just knew that we needed to rest. The delivery wasn’t scheduled until 7:30pm, so when that morning we went out for a BIG breakfast. I couldn’t eat anything else that day because a C-section is a surgical procedure, and you have to have an empty stomach going into it.

Spencer, being the great husband he is, didn’t want to eat in front of me because he knew how hungry I was all day. Either he didn’t eat anything else that day either, or he hid it very, very well.

At some point during the morning, or possibly the night before, I started having contractions. I didn’t put together that the feeling I was having periodically was a contraction, so I didn’t think anything of it. Looking back now, I realize the girls might have arrived that day even if we hadn’t scheduled their delivery!

We rolled into the hospital parking lot around 5pm and made our way to the delivery floor.

As we rounded the corner to the nurse’s station, we could hear the staff talking about incoming twins. That was us! They seemed so excited and fully ready for us to arrive, and we were quickly taken to a room to prepare.

I changed into the hospital gown and they secured fetal monitors on my belly, which is how we realized I was having contractions consistently two minutes apart. I still can’t believe I didn’t realize that’s what I was feeling!

Our delivery was pushed back because the anesthesiologist was called into a trauma, so we had to wait to see if he or she would become available or if they would have to call in another. Eventually, they paged the next on-call anesthesiologist, but as soon as she got to the room and started talking to us, her pager went off for another trauma.

Again we waited, until the doctors felt so bad that they called the head of anesthesiology to come in. He felt awful that we had to wait extra time to meet our girls, and he got the ball rolling right away. We signed the paperwork, the staff came in, Spencer was prepped, and I walked into the OR.

It all happened so fast, and there were so many people in the room.

Each girl had a NICU team of four nurses, plus there were two doctors, the anesthesiologist, and assisting nurses. It was a crowd, but everyone had a job to do and no one was standing around idly. My family was waiting out in the hall and began cheering when Baby A came out screaming, followed by Baby B a minute later.

All the adrenaline that was running through my body was the worst part because I wasn’t expecting it and it was so distracting. As soon as I stepped foot in the OR, I started shaking uncontrollably. The doctors told me they’d get me warm blankets, but I wasn’t even cold. They said it must’ve been adrenaline, but then the drugs were in and I felt kind of mentally fuzzy so it was difficult to process.

I didn’t stop shaking during the entire C-section, and my husband even told me later I looked like I was seizing a couple times because I was shaking so hard. I shook the entire time I was in the PACU and during the whole ride to the NICU to see my babies. I was actually afraid to hold them because they were so small and I thought they would just shake right out of my arms. The nurses told me not to worry and that once I was holding them, I would calm down.

They were right! As soon as P and C were in my arms, my body was calm.

I had done so much research about what to expect from a C-section, but I’d never read anything about someone having so much adrenaline pumping through them that they started shaking like that. I’ll never forget how amazing it was to hold my babies and have my body immediately calm down.

It is truly a miracle how our bodies know what to do in situations like pregnancies, births, and recoveries!

I healed exceptionally fast from my C-section, which I’m sure was due to lots of prayer and a determination to be with my babies as much as I could.

I didn’t want to keep going to the NICU in a wheelchair or having to wait for Spencer or a nurse to help me around, so I began walking mere hours after the surgery. The nurses were giving me Percocet for pain, but I only took it that night and part of the next day, and then I only took Advil.

I didn’t feel like I needed anything stronger, and sometimes I felt like I didn’t need any pain medication at all. I listened closely to my body and only took medicine when I felt like it was really necessary.

When I was doing research before our girls were born, I became nervous about the spinal tap, the incision, the healing process, and trying to handle everything while having twins in the hospital.

So many people are quick to warn others when they have a bad experience with something, but I don’t feel like many women talk about their positive birth experiences. That, or they only remember the negative or scary parts of their births and only share those memories with others.

I know I can’t be the only woman out there who had an amazing C-section experience. It may not have been the story I originally thought I’d tell, but I can honestly say that I was blessed to have a complication-free C-section delivery, and because of that I have no fear about doing it again if we have more children biologically!

Hello! I am a work-at-home mom to twin girls and a canine. I’m learning what life looks like when you surrender to God. Passionate about parenthood, marriage, and all things coffee!


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