Chocolate Covered & Cookie Dough Stuffed Oreos

Recipes / Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Recently, I became a big fan of Cupcake Jemma. I stumbled across one of her videos on YouTube and joyously discovered a wonderful world of baking tutorials and ideas. I haven’t made many of her creations yet, but I cannot wait to start branching out to try new recipes! If you are into baking and want some new recipes with tutorials on how to make them, check out her YouTube channel!

For this recipe I used this cookie dough, minus the almond extract. I wasn’t sure how almond would taste with the mixture of all the other flavors, so I thought it was best to leave it out. I also used mini chocolate chips because I felt like those would bring everything together in a more appealing way. 

Chocolate Covered & Cookie Dough Stuffed Oreos
A delightful, sugary snack that combines two of the best desserts out there.
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  1. chocolate chip cookie dough (with mini chocolate chips)
  2. Oreos
  3. chocolate melts
A few hours before making
  1. Roll cookie dough into a log that is roughly the same size around as an Oreo. To make it easier to cut later, pop the dough into the freezer for a few hours.
When you are ready to make
  1. Carefully separate Oreos so you have one side with cream and one without. Do your best not to crack the chocolate cookies.
  2. Cut cookie dough into small, round discs that are about the same size as an Oreo cookie.
  3. Put a cookie dough disc onto the cream side of an Oreo cookie and top with the other chocolate cookie. GENTLY squeeze together enough that it won’t all fall apart when you pick it up.
  4. Repeat until your Oreos or your cookie dough is gone.
To melt chocolate
  1. Heat on stove or in microwave according to the packaging, OR
  2. Put half of the chocolate melts in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 15-20 seconds on 50% power, then stir. Do this until chocolate is mostly melted, then stir to melt the rest of the way.
  3. Add the other half of the chocolate melts and stir until smooth. Only microwave it again if you absolutely have to!
To coat Oreos in chocolate
  1. Gently place a cookie dough filled Oreo into the chocolate. Use a fork to move it around and turn it until it is coated, then, still using the fork, lift it out of the chocolate.
  2. Let the excess chocolate fall away, then place on parchment paper.
  3. Once the chocolate has hardened completely, sample at least one before you put the rest in an airtight container to store them.
  1. If the chocolate cookies crack, you may still be able to keep it all together using the cream filling and cookie dough. You just have to coat each one more carefully.
  2. My husband and I think these are best immediately after they come out of the fridge, so I recommend storing them that way.
  3. The chocolate melts quickly in your hands, so you have to eat fast!
Adapted from Cupcake Jemma
Adapted from Cupcake Jemma
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