My Favorite Organizational Hacks For My Twins’ Closet

Parenthood, Twins / Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Organization is a parent’s best friend, no matter how many kids there are to look after. As a mom of twins, I have to stay organized or tiny clothes and children’s toys will overcome me!

In our last house, we were blessed to have a walk-in closet in our twin daughters’ room. I could fit their current clothes, upcoming clothes, toys, blankets, books, shoes, and so much more in that space.

In our current house, we have small closets in each room, so I had to rethink my organizational strategy for P and C. By eliminating long-term storage and only including everyday items, I was able to make their new tiny closet work just fine.

Because I organized two completely different but functional closet spaces for the girls, I thought I’d share some of my favorite closet items and hacks with you.

Item #1: Hangers that fit tiny clothes

I use velvet hangers for my clothes, and my girls do, too! Theirs are a lot smaller, though. Did you know velvet hangers come in multiple colors and sizes? Because they’re so thin, they maximize space in a closet.

My mom found hangers measuring about 12″ wide that are perfect for baby and toddler clothes. You can even buy tiny pants hangers! P and C are 18 months old now, and I still think we’ll use these hangers for a long time.

Hanger Hacks

Stack them Kid Clothing Storage Hack 3 | The Fox Den Blog

The pant hangers can be staggered easily to create more space. 

Hang multiple onesies on the same hanger 

Kid Clothing Storage Hack 4 | The Fox Den BlogI like to hang coordinating onesies for my girls, but you could hang two or three onesies that come in a set to help keep them organized.

To do this, hang onesies from the bottom instead of the top. Just fasten the onesie snaps around the straight part of the hanger!

Item 2: Storage bins

I use so many storage bins in P and C’s closet. From hanging storage to baskets to small drawers, I make sure everything in their closet has a place.

For the long-term storage, gasket boxes are my favorite. Because they have a tight seal, I don’t worry about storing textiles in our basement.

Storage Hacks

Roll outfits or sets together

To keep a set of onesies together, lay them flat on top of each other with the sleeves folded in. Fasten the snaps of all except the bottom onesie. Starting at the neck, roll the entire stack together so the unfastened onesie can wrap around them all. Fasten the last onesie snaps to keep the roll together.

Kid Clothing Storage Hack | The Fox Den BlogYou can do the same thing with an outfit. Lay the unfastened onesie down first, then neatly fold the pants, jacket, and any other pieces in the outfit on top. Starting at the neck, roll the entire outfit together so the unfastened onesie can wrap around it all. Fasten the onesie snaps to keep the outfit roll together.

Put one sock inside of the other

Tiny socks are hard to sort through, so I put matching ones inside one another. That way I can grab a pair in a hurry and don’t have to worry about them being different! 

Item 3: Large laundry bin Kid Clothing Storage Hack 5 | The Fox Den Blog

Right now, I don’t worry about sorting P and C’s laundry. They grow out of their clothes so quickly that it just doesn’t make sense to me to worry about separating it. Instead, I throw it all in one big laundry bin that has handles for easy dumping in the washer.

Laundry Hack

Use a bag for small items

Tiny socks, cloth shoes, bows, and other small items can easily get lost in the laundry. To prevent that from happening, I use a mesh laundry bag.

I hang the bag over the side of the bin so I can find it when I need to add items to it. When it’s time to do laundry, I just zip it and throw it in with the rest! 

Item 4: Cute and functional labels

For storage, neon index cards work great for labeling boxes. Because they’re neon, they stand out no matter how many different colors are present within a box.

For bins that are on a shelf so I can’t see the contents, I like to use chalkboard labels. That way, I can update the label as the contents change.

Label Hack

Use a chalkboard marker, not actual chalk

Kid Clothing Storage Hack 6 | The Fox Den BlogChalk is messy and erases easily, so it’s not the most logical choice for writing on a chalkboard label. A chalkboard marker won’t rub off the label and will stand out more easily.

When you buy a chalkboard marker, the packaging says it erases with water, but I’ll let you in on a secret: that isn’t totally true. You might fade the writing, but you can definitely still clearly read what was there before.

Instead, wipe away what you can with a wet paper towel and then use a magic eraser. It works so much better! 

What are your favorite organizational items for your child’s closet?

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