Life Of A Twin Dad: Part 1 (Pregnancy)

Parenthood, Twins / Monday, April 23rd, 2018

In our family, we parent as a team. Most of my posts are written from my perspective, so I want to share about our life from my husband’s point-of-view. I had a conversation with Spencer about twin life, and the first part revolved around my pregnancy. Here is what he had to say:

Me: Recall the moment you found out I was pregnant.

Spencer: I was in a deep sleep, dreaming about something, and you came in all serious. You said “Honey, I need you to be awake.” I didn’t know what to think; I thought something bad happened. You held out the pregnancy test for me to see and we both got super excited.

Me: What were some expectations you had when you found out I was pregnant?

Spencer: I thought you would have cravings, but you really didn’t.

Me: When did it really sink in that we were going to expand our family?

Spencer: When you started having to watch how much you were lifting.

Me: What do you remember about telling our friends and family?

Spencer: I remember a few people were kind of a buzz kill because they just wanted to talk later and they didn’t seem like they had the time for us right then. That was kind of sad. Our moms both guessed that you were pregnant before we said it.

Me: How was it hearing a heartbeat for the first time?

Spencer: It was exciting but it wasn’t like a total game changer.

Me: Was there ever a time you thought there may be more than one baby?

Spencer: No.

Me: Recall the day we found out we were having twins.

Spencer: It was October 31 and we were told ultrasound would take about an hour. The tech came in and started doing her thing and she didn’t say much for quite a while. Then she said, “Okay, this is going to be Baby A and this is going to be Baby B.” We looked at each other and then back at her and said, “Wait, what do you mean A and B?” She was surprised we didn’t already know and she was excited because she’d never been able to tell anyone they were having twins. Once it started sinking in I said, “Oh, sh**. Here we go!”

Me: Was there ever a time you felt that twins were more than we bargained for?

Spencer: No.

Me: What was it like to find out they were both girls?

Spencer: It wasn’t as hard for me as it was for you. I did think about all the screaming and loud voices that were coming. I was excited to have daddy-daughter dates someday.

Me: What was it like for you as the pregnancy progressed?

Spencer: You were dang near perfect. You didn’t have crazy midnight cravings and for the most part you did what the doctors told you, so I did not have to remind you all the time. It made moving into the house easier because we had a full-time delegator. I did not enjoy putting the stretch mark cream on your belly because it was smelly. Otis (our dog) was really snuggly with you and it was cute. You didn’t really have mood swings except for one time when we were sitting in the Whole Foods parking lot and you thought about puppies getting returned after the holidays, when people realized they weren’t ready for a dog. You just started crying and you couldn’t hold it back and it was humorous for me.

Me: Was there anything you didn’t enjoy about the pregnancy?

Spencer: I didn’t like how your back problems got worse because you were in pain. You wanted to eat all the time, but you didn’t want to eat alone so I was always eating with you.

Me: What is your advice to a dad whose wife is pregnant with twins?

Spencer: You should do tasks that may seem unnecessary at the time because she’s growing two people and you need to help her relax if she seems stressed. Read the room – if she seems like she needs help, even if she says she doesn’t, run to her aid. RUN. Pay attention to your wife. Get used to giving foot rubs.

Me: Is there anything else about pregnancy that you would like to share?

Spencer: It’s a miracle. Men will make it out alive. It gives you a new respect for what women go through.

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