Life of a Twin Dad: Part 2 (Birth & Hospital Stay)

Parenthood, Twins / Monday, April 30th, 2018

In our family, we parent as a team. Most of my posts are written from my perspective, so I want to share about our life from my husband’s point-of-view. I had a conversation with Spencer about twin life, and in this post I share what he said about pregnancy. In this next part of the conversation, we talked about the birth and hospital stay. Here is what he had to say:

Me: Recall when the doctor scheduled the c-section. How did that make you feel?

Spencer: It felt like life was happening very quickly because it was a week away. In one week I was going to have big responsibilities.

Me: What was the day of birth like for you?

Spencer: That was a pretty long day. We had to sit around until 9pm at night even though we got there around 5pm. Stupid people getting hurt, making us have to wait longer to bring the babies into the world. The anesthesiologists kept getting paged and the doctors were all helping with other things.

Me: What was the c-section experience like for you?

Spencer: Very emotional. There wasn’t blood everywhere like I thought there would be—they kept it clean. It went a lot faster than I thought it would. There were a LOT of people in that room but it was really cool watching everybody doing their jobs. There were no “extras” and everyone was doing something. You were shaking like you were cold but it was just adrenaline. Rex (our anesthesiologist) did everything he could to keep you calm and ease the nausea. The girls came out screaming and Rex said it was a good sign. They were so scrawny. Holy cow, they were scrawny, but beautiful and perfect and the whole hospital quickly found out how perfect they would be. It was the second happiest moment of my life, next to marrying you. But it was sad to see them wheeled off so quickly, especially because you hadn’t even been “buttoned up” yet so you couldn’t sit up and look at them.

Me: How was it being at work when the girls were in the NICU for those first twelve days?

Spencer: I knew they were in the best hands they could be in, so even though I wanted to be there I felt okay being at work.

Me: What was the toughest part of the girls’ NICU time?

Spencer: The diaper rash because their bottoms were so tiny and they had little pains. They were just so tiny. It was sad when they wouldn’t take from the bottle or from you and they had to have the feeding tubes. Sometimes they would pull the tubes out and the nurses would have to shove it back down their little noses. That sucked.

Me: Were there good parts of the girls’ NICU time?

Spencer: The nurses were great. They gave us a lot of information and prepared us for when we took the girls home.

Me: Was there anything you were surprised to learn about babies once you had your own?

Spencer: Yeah—that most of the advice people had given us was wrong. Our girls were the exception and they did really well. People told us that they would scream all the time and not sleep and get sick. None of that was true. I was also surprised at how differently you have to treat preemies because I thought all babies were generally the same. I realized you need to know what car seat you can take your baby home in when they are under 5lbs.

Me: What do you remember about the day we brought our girls home?

Spencer: It was cold and snowing. I remember feeling a little more responsible when I was driving home with babies in the car. I remember Otis (our dog) getting really excited to meet his sisters and he tried to jump in the bassinets with them.

Me: What advice would you give to a dad whose wife just had twins?

Spencer: Encourage your wife to rest a lot. Do everything you can to avoid her picking heavy things up. Don’t overthink things; just keep it simple and go with the flow. You don’t have to have everything planned out. Encourage your wife not to overthink things, also.

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